by Ironwood @, Sunday, March 22, 2020, 21:31 (13 days ago) @ Sunset Monger

Some new PR. Personally I can not believe it to be completed in 2021. I counted 7 guys working and 1 on the beach handing out towels and raking the sand. Not the pace to be completed in 1 year from now.

A month or so ago, we spoke on the beach with an associate of one of the principals. He said the plan was to build a 70 room hotel on the site of the demolished north tower, that height restrictions along La Ropa Rd. will limit roadside building height to two stories, with a further five-to-seven stories extending down the slope. The existing building, in behind the new hotel, will be a parking garage. We didn't get to ask how, or if, the new hotel will tie into the rebuilt south tower condo building.

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