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Hi Rob,
I'm a bit confused here and I'm sure I'm not the only one - hope you can help us out. I totally get your point about the Mexicans living day-to-day and the difficulty of implementing social distancing. On the other hand, you yourself have stated in another thread that you hoped Zihua would shut down all restaurants soon. We flew here early January from Vancouver through Mexico City and I popped back to Vancouver for a week in February - at no point were we screened. So I guess my two questions are: 1. Exactly what measures is Mexico implementing that are containing the virus? 2. Should we be following the strict social distancing advised in Canada or should we be following AMLO's instructions and pumping our money into the local economy through restaurants, bars, and shops?
Not trying to be awkward here, just looking for a clear picture. Thanks!

I don't recall suggesting restaurants close because we need their services, especially the ones that deliver, only bars and eventually hotels, but we're not there yet.

The following restaurants are offering their delivery services so that people can follow the Mexican government's recommendations of maintaining social distancing:

Nueva Zelanda Ixtapa 5530838
Fonda Paloma 5447782
Angustina 755548566
Loot 7555446038
Palo Zanka Ixtapa 5530009
Palo Zanka Zihua 1121842
Rubens Zihua 5540025
Rubens Ixtapa 5530358- 5530027
Kadi Sushi 7555446810
Yume no tochu 5530676
El pirata mariscos 7551150895
Santa Prisca Pozolería 7555571174
Teosintle desayunos 7555543712
Las carnitas by santa prisca 7551202236
Mi tacita de café 7555541112
Café del Ferrocarril 755 553 0764
Cuattro Café 5541641
Garrobos 5546706- 7551116679
La Raíz de la Tierra 5531503
Tasca Bar & Tapas 7551366022
Restaurante D'María 55 464 44
Vegano EntreZankas 755113 7580

Some of these places I don't normally recommend and I'm not exactly recommending them here, but these aren't normal times and I want to put this info out there for you who are here.

Community contagion has only barely started in Mexico, and so far Mexico has maintained a flattened curve in the spread of this virus by taking proactive actions since January 3rd.

My comments regarding "hysteria" by some foreigners have been to draw the contrast between what is happening elsewhere and what is happening here. Mexico draws on its socio-cultural strengths in its approach to this crisis as it has to others in the past. As I predicted, as soon as it became known where my photo of toilet paper was taken yesterday, mostly foreigners made a run on the store. Thus my half tongue-in-cheek and irreverent comments about "Anglos" and "hysteria gene" that some folks took out of context.

One development that has angered me is the decision by the government for the state of Guerrero NOT to reveal the location of new cases of COVID-19 in our state. They claim it is to protect the privacy of the victims. I claim BULL, that it is instead to protect economic interests of influential people. I find this development extremely irresponsible and totally unacceptable, and I have let them know my feelings on the matter.

Mexico's federal government is respecting individual rights while recommending people follow the directions of the Secretaría de Salud who is doing an exemplary job taking the necessary steps, precautions and preparations for the coming weeks and months. At a more appropriate time I expect we will be advised to take more extreme measures and precautions. They outlined a new plan today as well as formally declaring Mexico is now in the mitigation phase. While the details are prohibitively long for me to repeat here, I found the plans reassuring in their scope and thoroughness. In Mexico the competent experts are in charge of this, not the politicians. A stark contrast from what our Stateside visitors have somehow become accustomed to.

Folks can still come here, enjoy our beaches, enjoy our restaurants, enjoy our natural beauty. But I do at some point expect hotels may be told to close along with the airport and bus terminals so as not to attract thousands of people from the inland cities where there will be widespread contagion. As I have always said, people who don't speak Spanish will find themselves at a disadvantage regarding being able to keep themselves informed, but I hope they will nevertheless make the effort.

COVID-19 - Secretaría de Salud

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