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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 20:08 (108 days ago) @ SeaTraveler

You seem to get it. The simple idea that some (worst of all, Rob Whitehead) cannot comprehend: this is a virus epidemic, spread by person-to-person contact. The ONLY way to interrupt the spread is to break that person-to-person contact cycle. By the time Rob and his hero, AMLO, can start to count dead bodies, the battle will have been lost several weeks earlier. Zihuatanejo y el estado de Guerrero may have a chance right now to interrupt the person-to-person spread that is how any epidemic occurs. But only if they take action now = stop the person-to-person contact.

Interesting data out tonight on what is happening in Kentucky (where the governor took decisive action quickly and early several weeks ago) vs. neighboring Tennessee (where the governor is still dawdling): huge differences in deaths at this point. Will only get worse.

Keep advocating for people to stay at home and spare one another! It's the kindest thing everyone can do.

Cheers from Seattle (sorry you can't shop here now; neither can we).

Jeeeze, hey if you've got something to say to me you don't have to write e-mails then criticize me in replies to others. I'm not the enemy or an adversary.

If there is no contagion locally, what rationale is there for shutting everything down and hiding indoors? You give conflicting advice, then criticize me for following the advice of an expert team in the field who are analyzing the situation and making the decisions that we, the public, follow. Schools are closed. Public events postponed or cancelled. There's hardly a tourist around. We are practicing safe distancing and good hygiene. So what exactly is it you want us to do? If the experts have it wrong then surely you've contacted them to let them know, but please stop taking shots at me for following their advice. We are not in the same condition as Italy, China, Spain, the UK, the USA or Canada. Measures are being taken when and where necessary. There have been 5 cases so far diagnosed in the entire state of Guerrero. All in either Acapulco or Chilpancingo, hundreds of topes away (that's an inside joke). No deaths in Guerrero. Last I heard Michoacán still didn't have any cases. Everyone knows that soon we may be asked to take more restrictive measures, but because we have to balance being able to make our daily sustenance with the health contingency, restrictive measures are being applied perhaps more carefully than they were in some other places. The rate at which the cases are doubling in Mexico is nowhere near that of China, Spain, Italy, the USA, the UK or Canada when they had as many cases as we do or after reporting their first case, so it doesn't make sense for us to be taking the same measures as they are even if they were apparently late. Mexico began taking action on January 3rd, weeks ahead of most other countries including the USA. It has spent its time wisely planning, preparing and advising the public. Not overreacting is part of their advice. Staying attentive to their alerts is another. Mexicans are doing a wonderful job keeping each other informed.

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