A great moneymaking idea-Really!

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 13:24 (107 days ago)

IF we still lived in the US (we are SO glad we don't) and IF we still sold on eBay (it was amazing and life changing) we'd run with this idea and potentially make a big chunk of money while making people laugh or smile.

You may take our idea as your own, but please send us a copy and take us out to a fancy dinner!

The Toilet Paper Cook Book, or 101 ways to eat up all that TP with extra bonus uses included.

Wonderful recipes like Square tacos, baklava with tp sheets, multi colored fried ice cream, using tp as a thickener instead of flour or corn starch, using the scented kinds as teabags for extra aromas. These are just a few ideas.

With an infusion of Mezcal, it shouldn't be at all hard to come up with at least 101 recipes and/or uses. Face it, people have LOADS of TP.

Design the little leaflet so that it can be mailed as a USPS first class letter with one stamp, or an on line point of sale item that can be purchased, downloaded and printed out for instant gratification.

Move fast!!! No telling how long the TP supply will last!!!

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