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by nicatnit, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 05:59 (106 days ago) @ midalake

No I’m not a doctor. But my sister is a virologist and we talk regularly regarding Covid 19. For what it’s worth she’s a Liberal and I’m a Conservative so our viewpoints on this crisis started in complete different starting points. My viewpoint has completely shifted from the beginning as I thought Covid 19 was a bad form of Influenza being whipped up by the media during an election year. I could not have been more wrong. I live in the US and when extreme actions were being implemented in San Francisco and California at large by their liberal leaders, I thought the actions were a huge government overreach, but in retrospect those leaders deserve our respect for taking bold action. The rest of the nation has come together for the most part. I hope that Mexico finally wakes up like the rest of us now that Phase 2 has arrived. It would be a pity if Mexico becomes the next Italy or Spain. In the US we have half the cases in New York and it is a battle. For those critical of President Trump, some of the criticism is warranted for the lag and unpreparedness for the sortage of PPE gear. But we are on the right track now and his handling of the crisis has gained high approval (60%) of Americans. Each day there is a detailed briefing and coordination with the States Governers is helping to get the crisis under control. During times of crisis politics needs to take a back seat to getting through the crisis. Though not related to your question I rambled on but I tend to do that

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