Do You Trust The Numbers

by Canada Pete @, Vancouver Island / San Jose / Houston, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 08:47 (67 days ago)

Do you guys trust the numbers coming out of the majority of countries ?

Personally, I think only about 10 -15 countries even have the ability to track this properly, the rest people will just disappear.

Did China peak and now it's over or are there 12 million Chinese who vanished ?

In Most countries I think they will just be counted as people who died.

There was a flu in 1959 that killed a million, another in 1968 that killed a million people. The 2008 h1n1 killed 500,000. Those numbers are according to the CDC and WHO. However, if you add up the numbers as reported by countries the numbers reported are about 20-30 % of that.

Who is right, the CDC and WHO or the reporting countries ?

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