Quiet On Zih Home Front

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"With the damn bars that crank up their noise around midnite till the wee hours of the morning, it is sure enjoyable with quiet nites. It would be nice if this continued throughout normal times. Maybe this is one good thing that could continue to come out of these terrible times for a lot of people in the central part of town".

I agree rojo, it would be nice if the volume levels would be brought within the limits as specified in the corresponding Environmental Norms.

BUT, "Quiet nites"? Waaaaaait a minute.....

I was in the "Primer Cuadro" de la ciudad between 7:30 -9:30 p.m. walking (round trip) on foot to buy some food on my way out to the Mega Soriana area, leaving from past the pier area where my apartment is.


--Blatant and/or flagrant violations by at least EIGHT BARS open for business, that were supposedly ordered, as Rob mentioned already, to NOT OPEN to the public, per official order issued by el Sr. Julio Cesar Ocampo Rodríguez, Director de la D.A.C.I.E.P. commonly referred to as "Reglamentos ".

Particularly noteworthy was a bar that was once referred to as a "Shooting gallery" (due to the fact that there has been 2 murders there) on the corner of la Calle Nicolás Bravo y Vicente Guerro, now called "La Shula ", (previously E.G.O.), had the music so loud as to be able to hear it at least several blocks away.
But, there were ZERO customers when I went by, only two ladies attending.

Although the bar on the top floor of the building in front of el Zócalo, aptly called "La Ingobernable" was closed, the bar below it & 1 other in that plaza at street level were both open.

--Albeit with less people than usual, things pretty close to normal at el Zócalo ( aka "La Cancha" ) with several vendors set up "business-as-usual".

If I'm not mistaken the Honorable Mayor Licenciado Jorge Sánchez did make proper recommendations that would make congregating in a place such as el Zócalo, e.g. if not necessary, as an activity one should avoid, "social distancing" or not.

--Others who seemed to be "winging it".


That said, there are substantially less people out-and-about.
So, most good folks here are doing what they can to comply with the recommendations en la Fase 2 de la pandemia.


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