Were #1, Were #1 MAGA

by midalake @, Saturday, March 28, 2020, 06:52 (67 days ago) @ nicatnit
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Trumps approval rating on the Corona Virus response is now 60%. TDS is in full swing on this board. Your hatred for anything our President does is embarrassing. Apparently the majority of those that opine here is for bodies piling up to validate your political agenda. Cheering for being No.1 on new Covid 19 cases, even in jest, is kind of sad. Some people can’t deteach from politics for anything. Can we please just try to put political differences aside and try to pull together to beat the Virus?

You are on a full case of the cult fool-aid, the Whitehouse is a disaster.



President Trump has been lauded by experts from WHO and the CDC for his handling if this crisis.
Are you kidding? Sounds like another outlandish Trump lie, bragging about himself.

Trump has pushed the CDC out of the public eye by not including them in the pandemic briefings. Haven’t seen CDC representatives in weeks because Trump is advocating policies that go against the best medical advice by the WHO and the CDC.

Since you like polls so much: https://news.yahoo.com/biden-leads-trump-nine-points-021701007.html

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