by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, March 28, 2020, 12:53 (70 days ago) @ nicatnit

Supporting my President is easy. I support his agenda. Just like the others who elected him. President Trumps approval rating for handling the crisis is 60%, despite a rocky start on testing. Don’t forget that decisive action to ban flights from China, which was derided as racist, saved many lives and helped to reduce the spread of the virus. The US is a huge country so having the most cases is understand. Thankfully we are in the best position to deal with the crisis.

I have no sympathy and even less patience for fools like you. If you support ANYTHING The Chump represents, it makes you by extension a supporter of racism, white nationalism, elitism, using the office of the president for personal enrichment and gain, along with a long list of his other shortcomings including being a pathological liar and a narcissist who has already cost lives putting his ego before the well being of the nation. His crowning achievement so far has been to weaken the USA and its institutions to the point where they can't even prosecute him even when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The USA is the laughingstock of the world. China and Russia enjoy more prestige than the USA. Something I truly thought couldn't happen in my lifetime. The Dem Party is so corrupt they'd just as soon leave him in office for 4 more years than support a corruption fighter like Bernie, for the second time. And since Reagan, the intentional institutionalized dumbing down of the nation has led to the rise of phony news networks and a large population base who believe or at least don't question those lies. The end of the experiment has arrived that was the dream of the Founding Fathers and countless others who made extreme sacrifices in the name of that dream, the so-called though misnamed "American Dream".

If your only contribution here is ONCE AGAIN to praise the worst president in the history of the nation then your ticket here is up and I'll be canceling your account. You've abused the leeway I've allowed. The only Trump Derangement Syndrome here is the psychosis his supporters suffer, the truly dumbed down, scientifically and intellectually challenged who project their shortcomings in the same way The Chump and his Republican enablers do. Moscow Mitch actually accusing the Democrats of being obstructionists the other day while Congress sought to give billions to the wealthy all over again and a mere pittance to a few of the needy, but nothing for the neediest who don't file tax returns. If there were any true patriots left in Congress one of them would've grabbed that hypocrite and washed his damn mouth out with soap. And if there were any true patriots left in the nation, the White House would be surrounded by mobs every day calling for the lying racist draft-dodging sexual predator occupying the White House to resign and leave. The fact there aren't says all we need to know about what has happened to the nation and its dumbed down populace in the past several decades. The world witnessed something similar in Germany right before WWII broke out.

I tolerated this thread because of the circumstances, especially the anxiety folks have to deal with, but it is now closed. I commend the folks who stood up for the nation, but I fear the damage the Chump-ass-kissing Republicans and his hateful and misguided cult followers have caused to the nation is a mortal blow just as the storming of Ravenna was to the Roman Empire.


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