Amando Zih Mismo

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, March 28, 2020, 14:01 (62 days ago)

Another day of absolutely perfect weather in this tropical paradise. We are so fortunate!

Most folks here continue respecting the recommendations by the SSA. Though we did see a busload of tourists arrive this morning as well as drunks with beer in hand at the zócalo, none of whom were respecting the safe distancing from others recommended by every government and health agency in the world. Those private tour buses represent a threat to our health because no one is even monitoring them. They just show up and offload even though the federal government asked people NOT to take vacations now but to remain at home as much as possible. I expect this problem to change soon even if the free transit of people continues to be allowed. The state and municipal governments need to step up. Closing the bars is really nice but not near enough.

We did see the Guardia Nacional out patrolling on foot, and we asked them to please help a handicapped person who appeared to be rather stranded at the zócalo's gazebo with one leg, no crutches, no wheelchair and nowhere to go. They are very unlike any police we've had before. Educated, well trained and dedicated. Their response reflected as much. We thank our federal government for them.

Still no local cases to report though there may be some suspected cases in the area. Unfortunately I'm not finding the local or state governments to be very open and transparent on this subject. Petatlán seems to be taking more concrete measures than Zihuatanejo is so far and it is leading the region in being proactive.

Yesterday we saw local officials play the flag waving game called a banderazo where they get their photos taken waving flags like at the start of a car race when the military officially began their natural disaster and emergency configuration posture, and the military vehicles all rolled by with their personnel wishing to be anywhere but in a politician's photo op parade. Presidente López Obrador had already announced this was coming so it was no surprise.

This photo from 8 days ago shows a lot more vessels in our bay than there currently are. Everything else looks the same, tough.

I call this rocky outcropping in the middle of Playa La Madera "Punta Lupita" in honor of my wife who refused to allow it to be paved over with cement by some misguided politician, and so she did something about it and got the project stopped and the rocks restored to their natural state.

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