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Excerpt from post by zulualpha--->

...." Some of them, sitting over at "la cancha," just cracked open another Modelo.

Speaking of which, some folks tell me the bar closure thing never happened. True?

As Z Rob said already, the bar closure is an order, and NOT an "invitation".

So the answer to your question is Yes & No:

Yes, a "closure" order was issued by el Director de la D.A.C.I.E.P, el Señor Julio Cesar Ocampo Rodriguez.

No, it was not enforced---YET.

Evidence shows that cooperating with the order issued by Ocampo Rdrgz. seems to be voluntary, at least up until Sat. evening, as on both Friday and Saturday nights, I observed at least EIGHT bars doing business, including that offensive bar now called "La Shula" on the corner of Nicolás Bravo and Vicente Guerreo. Though there was not even one customer at that bar, and very few at all the others that were open for business.
Apparently, the "borrachos" think that all the cerveza Corona they chug down makes them immune to the health problem :kingtut:

I have the phone # of the Secretary of Señor Ocampo Rodriguez.
Via a W.App message, I reported my observations last night and provided her with this listing of the non-compliant bars--->

Bar La Shula (antes E.G.O.); Los Delfines & Charco de la Ranas (both by la escuela primaria Vicente Guerrero); Bar Carlos en el Andador Agustín Ramírez, in front of el Hotel Avila; Bar La Cava Ingobernable & 1 other in that building down the hall in that plaza in front of el Zócalo; on el Paseo del Pescador both "Madana" and another several yards down towards the pier was also serving customers; and both Zorros & Zorritos.

I didn't leave tonite to see if the Inspectors from la D.A.C.I.E.P cracked down on the violators and actually, bar-by-bar, closed them down.

I'm not one much in favor of all the lawlessness, be it on a minor or a major scale, that is a constant here.

Apparently, others are more tolerable of it, including our local "Authorites", and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.


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