AMLO's in Charge?

by Mexalberta @, Monday, March 30, 2020, 08:02 (294 days ago) @ zulualpha

While health officials in his government are pleading that people stay home to confront the Covid pandemic, AMLO is in constant motion, flying all around the country, drawing attention to himself whilst encouraging bad headlines. To wit: this morning a viral clip sees him in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, birthplace of the country´s infamous gangster, Chapo Guzman. Why is he there? Amongst other (unknown) things, to say "hello" to Chapo´s mother!

Last week AMLO criticized state governors who were encouraging wind power projects. (AMLO is an oil man, with a brand new oil refinery in the works.)

He is a man with a big heart, in the right place. But leadership-wise he is in over his head on the coronavirus threat, a man in the wrong place at a time of national crisis.

A year ago AMLO´s approval rating was around 80%. Last Friday it measured a never-before-seen 49%.

Would you buy a used car from that fake?
Cant plead after you are guilty.

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