by Ironwood @, Monday, March 30, 2020, 12:06 (67 days ago) @ victorio

It is my understanding that some of the bars and restaurants will not close until they receive an "official" letter ordering them to close. So far, they have not received such an order.
As far as the "receipt" for their extortion goes, it is just to show the boys that they have paid their monthly dues.

Ah, the cartels have become so mainstream that they now insist on a paper trail, just like every other successful enterprise? I wonder if victimized businesses can use their receipts as a tax deduction?

Or maybe it's a form of protection, (well, another form of protection), against some other upstart gang from demanding their share of the pie:

"Wadda you mean, I have to pay you guys for "protection"? I already paid. Here's my receipt. Complain to them."

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