Zihuatanejo Bay 2019 2020 Photos, Free Shore Snorkeling

by juanrojo @, Monday, March 30, 2020, 14:20 (63 days ago)

At this trying time, especially, I am happy to offer a purposely calming video-slideshow showing photo highlights of some 3000 hours of pleasant sunny snorkeling. All photos are taken between the big rocks below the Embarc and all along Playa La Ropa and then along the south shore out to and including Las Gatas.

We went very small this year with many species living in tubes with only something like, pencil eraser sized, head and shoulders sticking out and hermit crabs the size of quarters in total. I will do a motion video as well with isolation time to spare.

I have posted here for many years as Juan Rojo. For privacy reasons I switched that spanish screen name to a, "lil bit drunk and reversed and rhyming", french screen name, Ron Woheau on Facebook. Woheau, amis-go!

I don't think any real Ron Woheau's exist and so Googling, Ron Woheau, will produce fish photos, possibly the one you saw and want to identify, through Google image links to this website and and another linked to below.

We always want to show the ocean's diversity in hopes of changing attitudes of tourists and especially our local Zihuatanejo friends who have the most to gain from this incredible ECO resource.

A natural resource that can become an economic resource in a very sustainable way if it is properly valued and preserved. It can start with children and we note the changing attitudes about litter and we see ocean protection placards, hand drawn by school kids and adults, with slogans to care for the earth and sea that are placed along walkways.

Two species featured in the video are Barcheek and Angel Blennies that show our new knowledge of their transparent, probably juvenile, stages. Identifications and more information can be found by a Google image search of, Ron Woheau, that will lead to a wonderful non profit data base website, mexican-fish.com that I am very proud to contribute to. The extended research team at Mexican fish are very well versed in the study of these two species, Angel Blenny particularly, and I hope the photos expand their knowledge base.


Oddly, I also have been very aware of these photogenic horny little angels but rarely saw any, EVEN, in the very spots they now live that I had closely scoured for other little subjects in previous years. The Bay sees many cycles and perhaps this is just a cycle. It was not a year full of major schools of fish sheltering in the bay but perhaps the last year's fish and resulting pelican infestation was the anomaly.

Search terms of new finds or stages or behaviours for us this year include, Pink Telja nudibranch, Chubby Simnia Avena and Ridged Cowry's retracting soft mantles over shells, Sea Biscuit-a puffy sand dollar that in death looked like a turtle egg. Other terms, Carmine Triplefin, Throatspotted Blenny, Fishgod Blenny, Mexican Barnacle Blenny, Barnaclebill Blenny, and many Wrasse types.

The looping tune is a Mahavishnu meditation.

Photos were taken with a range of aging and newer Olympus TG pocket sized cameras that have performed well.

Please be happy always.


Please be happy always

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