Seriously ?

by Canada Pete, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 07:55 (132 days ago) @ Quadra Paul

History WILL decide. And when he loses the election and ends up in jail for his criminal activities, you will be long gone!

I will be long gone ?

The Nicaraguans couldn't kill me when I was running around their jungles.

The Bering Sea couldn't kill me in 20 seasons.

The Radiation couldn't kill me in 7 weeks of it trying.

The Virus won't kill me.

You live on an Island, that doesn't produce enough food to feed the animals the people own, you import 99 % of your food, 100 % of your electricity and fuel. The economy is based on pensioners and tourism. People in glass homes that are so dependent on others really shouldn't throw stones.

No president ever hired or fired me, I can assure you Paul, I don't have the fear, desperation, anger and panic you have expressed. You may find that fear, anger and desperation is self inflicted by your attitude.

I wish you the best of luck Paul, for you and your " partner ".

As for me, I'll be just fine, and I wont be crying that a taxi charged me 5 extra peso's.

I lived my life in a different way, made different choices, I am fine with the choices I made and the outcome. You need not be concerned with me.


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