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by mexicoman @, Puerto Vallarta, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 12:43 (340 days ago) @ Ironwood

I'm going by what was recommended and explained by Dr. Hugo López-Gatell. The person in charge of the Mexican federal government's COVID-19 response. Because of the virus' density it doesn't hover in the air like an aerosol but appears to be getting transmitted among the general public by physical contact, not because someone sneezes or coughs into someone's face as may be more likely in a hospital environment. A plastic face-guard would actually protect the general public better.

After the Governor of Hidalgo tested positive, concerns were raised over whether AMLO should be tested.
Yucatan Times, reporting on the issue, wrote:

"After the confirmation of the positive case by the governor of Hidalgo, the undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo López-Gattel, ruled out submitting López Obrador to a test to detect the presence of the new strain of the virus.

The official explained that it is unlikely that the president it’s infected because of the time it took the PRI governor to show symptoms of the disease. He also said that, like any citizen, the president will be tested if he shows any symptoms.

“It does not apply because the relevant period of contagiousness begins in the case of the affected person at the time he begins to develop symptoms. The probability that a person in the period before symptoms, that is, the incubation period, is contagious is very low,”Lopez-Gatell explained at the daily conference on the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico."

So, apparently, we shouldn't be concerned about those ignoring shelter-in-place and social distancing recommendations unless they are displaying symptoms.

Ah ha! No asymptomatic people in Mexico! Sr. Lopez-Gatell knows.

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