N95 masks

by Ironwood @, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 16:52 (330 days ago) @ jaui


Are they available in Zihuatanejo


I am here in Z and I have not gone to FarmaPronto or elsewhere to check.
I will do that next time I go out in a few days, and will give you a "Yes" or a "No" accordingly.

But, I found them (N95) on amazon USA for around $20.00, and they can be sent to MX.
Other masks are also shown that, at least from the photo, look like they may be more protective.

The amazon México platform has them, but are around $65.00 for same/similar.

The masks used to protect, for example, from paint fumes or sawdust, etc. could be an alternative?
Those may be sold in a "Ferretería".
Don't know whether or not they would be useful for protection in the current situation.

A US hospital employee on TV yesterday was saying that masks (N95s?) which had previously cost the hospitals 40 or 50 cents each were now costing $4 or $5 each. Wasn't profiteering a crime during WW2? Should be now too.

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