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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, April 01, 2020, 18:48 (294 days ago) @ Lalo

Are restaurants open there for 'dine in' or 'take out' only?

Very few restaurants are open. Each day fewer. I posted a list of take-out and delivery places and phone numbers the other day. Here it is again, but all these places may no longer be open.

The following restaurants are offering their delivery services so that people can follow the Mexican government's recommendations of maintaining social distancing:

Nueva Zelanda Ixtapa 5530838
Fonda Paloma 5447782
Angustina 755548566
Loot 7555446038
Palo Zanka Ixtapa 5530009
Palo Zanka Zihua 1121842
Rubens Zihua 5540025
Rubens Ixtapa 5530358- 5530027
Kadi Sushi 7555446810
Yume no tochu 5530676
El pirata mariscos 7551150895
Santa Prisca Pozolería 7555571174
Teosintle desayunos 7555543712
Las carnitas by santa prisca 7551202236
Mi tacita de café 7555541112
Café del Ferrocarril 755 553 0764
Cuattro Café 5541641
Garrobos 5546706- 7551116679
La Raíz de la Tierra 5531503
Tasca Bar & Tapas 7551366022
Restaurante D'María 55 464 44
Vegano EntreZankas 755113 7580

Some of these places I don't normally recommend and I'm not exactly recommending them here, but these aren't normal times and I want to put this info out there for you who are here.

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