N95 masks

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Saturday, April 04, 2020, 00:29 (327 days ago) @ Duffus


Re: my reply of 4-01-2020 to a question from Duffus, which was---->

......" Are they available in Zihuatanejo "........


I am here in Z and I have not gone to FarmaPronto or elsewhere to check.
I will do that next time I go out in a few days, and will give you a "Yes" or a "No" accordingly.

Update 4-04-2020
@ Duffus

NO, I did not see any N95.

Farmacias Dr. Simi has some masks for $15 pesos in a 5 count pack.
Farma Pronto sells some masks by-the-piece for $3.50, (as another User previously mentioned the price, but not at what Farmacia.)

I have a white cloth that is double layered. I think it's intended use is a cloth diaper, but works great as a face wrap.
I also heard mention on a radio news show that some scarves, depending on the fabric, may also be sufficient.


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