US and Canadian border crossings

by ZihuaRx @, Saturday, April 04, 2020, 10:26 (292 days ago) @ el vagabundo

I drove across (Laredo crossing) two weeks ago from tomorrow. Times have changed since then, but essential travel across the Mexican-US and US-Canadian border had already been implemented. When I got to the US border (around 1030 am on a Sunday) I was the only one crossing. Had a nice chat with the gal on the Mexican side and then we wished each other well. When I came to the US crossing a nice young man asked me what I had. I told him a couple of dogs, some dog food that I bought in Mexico and in my cooler I had some wonderful Oaxaca rope cheese (Bernardo's) that I bought from a guy on a beach that he pulled out of a pail. I had some cut up chicken that I bought on a street in Zihuatanejo and I had some tortillas, tomatoes and onions. I mentioned that these are probably not allowed, but except for getting gas and one hotel room I planned on physical distancing. He said it sounds like a good idea and wished me safe travels. Another good person. Naturally the only hassle I had was crossing back into my home country where the remaining chicken and cheese had to be confiscated, filed, and put into a sealed plastic bag while I waited in a room with several other people. Left Zihua on a Saturday and was home by 10 pm Monday. Stay safe everyone. This too will pass.

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