Guerrero bronco

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Thanks for the reply......

Re: "Prohibition of mood-altering substances is tricky business. It seems easier to shut down beaches than bars "

Apparently so it seems is the case here in Z "Paradise".

Beer can easily be consumed EN CASA.
No "prohibition" to drink Vitamin " C " (erveza)

While it is understandable that bars, or WHATEVER business wants to open for economic reasons, I.M.O., they should comply accordingly, with whatever the local or National Mexican government stipulates.

Saludos :-D

This is how it has always been here in Guerrero. Imagine how much worse it would be if no one said anything. Sometimes “winning” is more subtle in a lawless land.

¡Guerrero bronco! Así me enamoré contigo hace muchos años, mi querido Guerrero. ¡Viva Vicente Guerrero! ¡Viva Don Nicolás Bravo! ¡Viva Tte. José Azueta! ¡Viva Lucio Cabañas!


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