Viviendo del PaZIHfico

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, May 01, 2020, 14:34 (35 days ago)

It is truly heartbreaking to see what is happening in the USA with the industrial meat plants. The cruelty alone should have all those types of industries closed permanently. But now Der Führer is using executive orders to try to force industrial meat packing plants where many immigrants and poor people work to reopen too soon. Ending the closure for health reasons means everyone loses their unemployment benefits if they don't show up to work (we're also seeing this tactic in "red states" ). This is the typical exploitation of workers that elitists like The Chump count on. They could care less about the cost in human lives. Capitalism at its worst. The Chump is also pressuring Mexico to reopen maquiladoras in the border region that closed due to the health emergency. He'll probably threaten us in the next few days or so since Mexico has no intention of reopening them yet and all he cares about is his wealth and his image for his reelection to keep him from joining his former lawyer/fixer in jail.

While irresponsible industrial fishing is also killing large populations of fish and leaving marine ecosystems devastated, thankfully our local fishing fleet uses antiquated fishing methods, though a few also use illegal and unethical practices. But the majority are simply hard-working people fishing with rods or hand lines. They barely make a living, but like most of us locals they are simply happy to make their living here even if it is a hard life. We are grateful for their hard work and glad to lend them a hand when they need it as they also do for us. That's what a community is all about.


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