Looking for a bike...you have one??

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Sunday, May 03, 2020, 16:54 (206 days ago) @ NaturalPace

Just a bit ago, Tim bought himself a bike off of one of the cruisers and we're noticing it is VERY hard to share! So now I am looking for either a mountain bike OR a Cross style one. Not a road bike ( are you kidding??)
SOMEONE "out there" has a bike that is languishing, waiting for it's owner to take it for a spin. Is that YOU?? Set it free! I am 5'7" so a medium size one..men's or lady's but please, lots of gears. They don't call it Zihua Boot Camp for nothing.
Thank you!!;-)

Speaking of bicycles (and I hope I'm not hijacking your thread...I'll start a new one if you want), I'd like to get an e-bike .
But when I check at a couple of bicycle shops here they are astronomical because they need to be imported- in the neighborhood of $3-4000 USD.
I remember meeting an Italian guy on the Ixtapa Ciclopista a few years ago who had converted a rather inexpensive off road bike into an e-bike.
Anyone ever done anything like that?
Or have an e-bike for sale?

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