ATM fees

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Sunday, May 03, 2020, 20:44 (180 days ago) @ Talley Ho

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Many banks are now trying to get you to agree to a lower exchange rate. It's all about the profit. Unless things really change, you are ALWAYS better taking the non disclosed rate.

INBURSA is our new fav for their ATM, their fee is 17.4 pesos per transactions, 5000 p max per transaction, but you can go up to your "home" countries limit. Thanks Mexicoman. Four transactions, 5,000 pesos each, still under one thousand USD, our daily limit.

Haven’t tried for awhile but I got 20,000 for 43 at Banorte.
Now I use Transferwise and avoid ATMs
Makes more sense, (much better exchange rate) if you’re transferring large amounts, at least $1000USD
They take about 1% off the top but give a better exchange rate than Any ATM which uses a lower VISA or I guess Mastercharge or other credit/debit card rate

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