International Travel for Canadians

by Ironwood @, Thursday, May 07, 2020, 12:56 (176 days ago) @ el vagabundo

West jet selling tickets Calgary Zihua starting Oct 31st and Air Canada Vanc to Mex City stating Nov 04. Lots can change though

Are there any new wrinkles re cancellations? In normal times, one can cancel a booking within 24 hours, at no charge. Beyond that, all you've got is the relatively expensive cancellation insurance. Unless they've modified the boilerplate text of cancellation policies to account for pandemic-caused cancellations, by the airline or by governments, of all cross-border flights, I'm guessing you'll be out of luck if fear of infection (rather than your own illness) was your reason for cancelling.
Last "season", we booked our December flights right about now, in early May. This time around, unless the airlines make it clear that cancellations for virus-related reasons - with full refunds, not coupon vouchers - will be accepted right up until flight time, I think we'll sit on the sidelines for a few months.

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