El Romance Bajo Zih Luna

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, May 08, 2020, 14:12 (18 days ago)


Peaceful nights continue even under a bright moon, albeit stained by all the smoke in the air from the countless fires including one at the Ixtapa garbage dump, another monument to corruption.

As Lupita and I enjoy our evenings relaxing and listening to old music on our azotea, it's impossible not to note the almost absolute serenity that's befallen the downtown area of Zihuatanejo, plagued for close to two decades by a proliferation of extremely noisy bars and their their rude clients. Something that was apparently impossible for the local authorities to do no matter how much the downtown population pleaded with them, they miraculously achieved because of a microscopic threat. Amazing. Almost has us rooting for the virus.

City workers have been busting their humps sifting the sand on the downtown beach, mostly removing cigarette butts, especially around the restaurants and places where smokers sit. Though I stopped smoking over a decade ago, I learned at quite a young age never to leave cigarette butts or any other garbage on beaches or anywhere else. Unfortunately for most smokers it's too easy to just flick that butt away no matter where they are. They're also finding lots of plastic tops from soft-drink and similar bottles such as Cloralex and Fabuloso. I guess I should be glad they aren't still finding syringes on beaches as they were here and in Florida 30-something years ago.

It's going to be quite an odd Día de las Madres for us this 10 de mayo with no flowers, no tourists and no restaurants full of families celebrating. But we still love our madres more than ever.

Rooftop nighttime view

Sifted sands

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