International Travel for Canadians

by Ironwood @, Monday, May 11, 2020, 11:58 (252 days ago) @ victorio

Hola. There are other airlines that still travel from Zihua to Canada. AirCanada is our last choice. We like Aeromexico because of their service (no charge for baggage, no charge for pets, no charge for food or booze). They are still flying from Mexico to Canada and vise versa. We have had five flights cancelled from Zihua to Canada since April. That is only because we are reluctant to take a bus to Mexico City. Aeromexico has never stopped flying to Canada from Mexico City. We have another one booked for June 2. It is still routed through Mexico City, but we don't care. We fly to Mexico City from Zihua ( yes the airport is not closed ), have a three or four hour layover, and fly directly to Vancouver BC. Wish us luck. Remember, Canada has other airline service other than WestJet or AirCanada.

There's Alaska too, but that means stopping in LA......
We agree re Aeromexico (I don't recall free food) but we vowed never again to take their red-eye flights both ways between Vancouver and Mexico City. Too old for that kind of punishment, for only minimal savings.
(WestJet is affiliated with Aeromexico. Our flights between Kelowna and Vancouver were "Aeromexico flights", on WestJet aircraft.)

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