International Travel for Canadians

by Fran @, Evanston, IL, Monday, May 11, 2020, 15:02 (172 days ago) @ Ironwood

We were supposed to go to Patzcuaro middle April for a month. We were flying Volaris into Morelia. Their posted COVID policy is If, within a certain timeframe, you wanted to reschedule you could do so with no fee but pay the fare difference. If they cancelled, they refunded the fare. We couldn’t go because our hotel reservation was cancelled per Mexican directive. And it really all seemed the wrong time.

Volaris had not cancelled our flight as of our departure date and we couldn’t reschedule because flights for next April-May were not posted. Volaris’ website didn’t have a mechanism to cancel (and there was no getting through by phone), so we were “no-shows”. And I figured we’d lost our money.

Much to my surprise, I got an email from Volaris saying because they had cancelled the return flight from Morelia, we were eligible for a refund. We could take the refund in cash. But if we chose to take it as a voucher, they would give us the value of the fare plus 25% toward rebooking. We took the voucher since we plan to rebook.

Just my experience with Volaris. I think a lot depends on the airline.

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