Sea rise pacific and zihuatanejo

by Keytime @, Friday, May 15, 2020, 16:28 (246 days ago) @ zkaliman

I have not read anything that indicates a direct study has been done for Mexico Pacific Beaches. Not that it will matter much as to what side of the land your on as water has a way of finding its own level. As with most reports, 50 years is the time when what you see now will be gone. Now and for the next 10 will suffer occasional damage, 25 consistent damage and in 50 if places have not already relocated after 25, then they will be underwater. Water World meets Mad Maxx. Sell your place on the beach and move up the hill. You will want at least 20' of elevation from current High Tide.

Here is a nice story directed towards Cancun.

We have hills which will help but Downtown and La Ropa as we know it will not exist.

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