Sea rise pacific and zihuatanejo

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, May 17, 2020, 23:35 (289 days ago) @ ZihuaRx

No Rob you have a habit of telling people what they really mean, but I really mean what I typed. I didn't mention global warming. Deny what? You must not mean me. The original thread stated Sea Level rise so I responded about what I have read about sea level rise. I mentioned that it has been rising for about 10,000 years and that the rate hasn't accelerated for the last 100 years. Al Gore out of context? I mentioned him because in his ground breaking book he mentioned that Florida would be underwater by now due to rapid sea level rise. What was I supposed to deny? Interesting side note: The Florida keys, are very young relative to geologic time and were formed due to the lowering and rising of sea level. I'll state again, that if anybody in the Zihua area wants to sell their beach front property at a discount due to sea level rise please let me know.

Too funny! I must’ve missed where you said I was mistaken. But half a point for cantinflear.

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