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This information comes from both Meganoticias and Despertar de la Costa. It is intended to provide information, NOT be an argument or an attempt to stir the fire, just answer questions that people may have.

In Mexico testing is being handled differently than in some other countries. If you think you have symptoms of Covid 19, you call a phone number. You are interviewed, and if necessary, staff comes to you and tests you.

In the state of Guerrero as of yesterday there were 805 confirmed cases (accumulated), 292 active (with symptoms in the last 14 days), 401 recovered persons and 112 deceased persons carrying Covid-19. Likewise, of the 2,226 studies that have been performed, 1,242 have been negative.

In the municipality of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo there have been 6 cases to date.

Out of the 81 municipalities in Guerrero, 12 are considered to be part of La Esperanza. To be one of these not only could you not have any cases in the last 28 days, you cannot share a border with a municipality that has had any cases in the last 28 days.

Why 28 days?? Hugo López - Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion said, "Conventionally, in applied epidemiology, two incubation periods or the clinical course of the disease are considered as an interval that would allow one to recognize that there is no transmission of the disease," he said.

He emphasized that the health sector used 4 incubation periods, since this is 7 days. "We want to do it in the most extreme way with 28 days and as we see the response of this change in the mitigation modality, if we see that it is safe at a given moment, we do not have a date, we could see if there is a positive response and then consider other entities."

The Federal government has stated that these municipalities may resume activities on May 18, but that the final decision was up to the state governors.

"The governors of the states with relevant municipalities could start operating on Monday, if they decide not to, they are exercising their powers as a state health authority and if they say no, there is no lawsuit with the federal government, this resumption includes the school activity in these municipalities, ”he said.

The Guerrero state governor has decided not to allow the resumption of normal activities in the La Esperanza municipalities at this time.

OK, so what does this all mean? The beaches, and anything non essential is closed until at least June 1. It could be longer. In an interview last week, on Meganoticias, the governor made a comments about opening the beaches at the end of July. There are a couple of flights in and out of the airport every week.

It's an interesting time. It's incredibly quiet and a great time for enjoying the things we often miss-animals, sounds, flowers, cooking, reading, whatever makes you happy, AT HOME!!!

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