Flights into Zihua from MEX

by jay @, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 20:28 (289 days ago) @ nicatnit

The USA is a big country it's hard not make a general point, but let's get specific. We've had 1 death in my entire county in Michigan and that person was 85 with underlying health conditions. Yet we are still under house confinement by our Idiot power hungry "I want to be VP" Governor.

Wow. We're full of piss and vinegar today, aren't we. I'm puzzled as to why you think 100,000 deaths in a couple months, and many more to come, doesn't constitute a clear and present danger. You are aware that viruses don't respect state and county lines, and cases in rural areas are skyrocketing around the country, largely because restrictions are being lifted. Or, more likely, restrictions are being ignored. If someone pees in the pool, so to speak, in Texas or nearby Wisconsin, it will probably hit your deep end of rural Michigan hard if restrictions are lifted too soon. They've already been fully lifted in Wisconsin. That's close enough that I'd be worried if I were you. And when has Gov Whitmer ever indicated a desire to be VP? Do you honestly think she's locking down her state simply to curry favor with Joe Biden? How does that work? Maybe, just maybe, she's sincere in trying to save lives.

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