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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, May 22, 2020, 12:21 (14 days ago)


Still no word on when beaches will open, but the Presidente de la República Mexicana Andrés Manuel López Obrador reversed his position on long weekends and stated that he favors maintaining long weekends, known as "puentes", in order to stimulate tourism internally and to help the sector recover. This is welcome news for everyone here in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa and the surrounding region.

Although lodgings in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa and the immediate region are authorized to resume accepting guests beginning June 1st, Acapulco has decided to remain closed for the time being while it expects to suffer a "delicate" period of contagion.

A strong breeze last evening apparently blew most of the smoke away from Zihuatanejo, at least from the anfiteatro de la bahía, so that we didn't suffer the choking pall this morning as we have the past few mornings. However, it also wasn't quite as cool this morning as in days past, and I'm going to guess the coastal water temperature is rising and the summer heat is coming.

What an absolute joy not to be bombarded by loud thumping music from multiple rude bars during the night or to have to listen to the drunks in the streets or wake up to streets smelling like urine and worse in the mornings. Especially on weekends. Amazing how a microscopic virus was able to accomplish in a relatively short time what municipal government after municipal government promised but never delivered with the excuse that "es complicado". Turns out it wasn't so complicado after all. They just had to order it and impose strict fines for violations. Who'd a-thunk it? If only our many good laws could be applied thusly.

And what a pleasure to enjoy evenings with my lovely saint of a wife relaxing and listening to music and the sound of the surf on our azotea, the only interruption being the occasional macaco calling out in flight. We must in be in paradise!



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