What if?

by Mexalberta @, Tuesday, June 09, 2020, 16:07 (497 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

What if there is no vaccine? A number of very serious illnesses have no vaccine no matter how hard researchers try. HIV, malaria and Dengue to name just a couple.

Will you quit traveling and only stay home if there is not vaccine developed for Covid 19? :stirpot:

Not a HIV candidate but everyone is a Covid candidate

We live in a beautiful place that will also have no tourists.
Could stay home until there is a vaccine.

we are 4.6 million and 300 active cases.

There's that false equivalence again! With a heavy dose of FEAR. While the rest of the world gets on with living and dying, you can "play it safe" and hide out in your home. I believe most folks are opting to get on with living. We wear masks, practica safe distancing, use common sense, eat right and exercise to be strong and have a healthy immune system. Europeans and Mexicans will have to do without all the cheek kissing and hugging, but I think we can handle it. The world is still a beautiful place and life is too damn short to spend in hiding.
Suerte y saludos.

Cancún just opened back up and is receiving flights and tourists.

No one said we were hiding. Logic, prevails.
We go to the mountains and enjoy our beauty.
WE are not afraid just sensible , haven't lived this long by being stupid, this is not the time to start.
The availability of quality health facilities will be a requirement for travel to Mexico.That is why Cancun can open without a vaccine.

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