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This just in:



Excellent up-to-date information, thanks T. Ho for the link.

On a few local news programs today, 6-09-2020, they also commented on the "verdict", in effect, quoting the key points made in the article, one of them being---->

........." Subsecretario de Salud, Hugo López-Gatell, donde se determinó por el funcionario de Salud, que sería inconveniente e irresponsable llevar a cabo una acción de esa magnitud porque podría haber más contagios."..

Regardless, since mention has been made that there is no ban on travelling, some people will, in effect, choose to take the risk that determination implies, & take their trips.

We hope that those persons will not get infected if they exercise the corresponding precautions recomendadas por el Gobierno de México, & wish them safe & happy travels.

The risk isn't that tourists will get infected here, it's that they will bring their infections with them. Same as always. This is nothing new for folks who live in any tourist destination.

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