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I have 2 families friends that say if La Ropa wont allow their dogs on the beach they are going to cancel and try some other area that is more friendly. Is this being brought in cause of the guy at La Perla doesnt want dogs on the beach. He was the leading force to stop the dogs a few years ago. With this new ruling along with the virus scare, I dont think the tourist related business are going to do too good

Francisco of La Perla and Carlos of Casa del Mar as well as the wife of the mayor are the major proponents of this as far as I can tell. Since the mayor doesn't live off of tourism he see the funds allocated for the certification as a means of paying off political favors and nothing more. Apparently no one seems to care that the certification attracts not one single tourist, but I'm surprised that they don't care that it causes us to lose tourists. I still have letters from people who sold their properties and moved away from Ixtapa and others who stopped going to Ixtapa, some coming to Zihuatanejo instead, when Ixtapa's beach was certified and pets banned.

I can't rally the citizens of Zihuatanejo by myself, and too many people don't want to speak up, so little by little we keep losing in these matters that really have no popular backing, simply politicians doing what's convenient for them. I simply don't have the means or the time to dedicate myself to such things as some people do. The current government wants to renege on a promise made by a previous one, and some of the people needed to fight this battle such as Doña Eva of the Catalina are simply unable to take up the cause. I'd love to see some young people who care take up this cause, but they seem to not have the sense of civic duty, discipline or moral convictions necessary.

"Everyone likes to complain about the weather but no one wants to do anything about it."

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