Días Brillantes en Zih

by Charlybby, Monday, June 15, 2020, 22:16 (24 days ago) @ Harriet

I'm complaining too!! I've argued about this for so long now! I still would like to know whose stupid idea this was to go Blue?! I know one of the first one to start this was that idiot from La Perla! Never stepped foot in that place since he screamed at us in front of people & staff to GET OUT!!!! Because we had our small dog with us & didn't know as it was the first time we'd brought him down. Rossys our spot ever since. He used to love to get off the combi, head to the beach & plop himself down in the waves every every few feet! Everyone along the way would laugh. The beach police started a year or two later so no more beach walk, just go down the lane behind Rossy & onto the sand. He could still watch the waves, & people & dog watch.
They are so wrong in doing this. So many people, of all ages, travel with their pets. Gives another reason for some people not to come & enjoy our paradise! Tourism will suffer again. :-( :grrr:

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