Rice and Beans Update June 15th

by Tucker62 @, Vancouver, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 10:46 (27 days ago) @ Casa Juan

I wrote these instructions a while back for Canadians:
Here are instructions for Canadians:
1. Go to this link: https://porlosninos.com/portfolio/carols-rice-and-beans/
2. Click on the Amistad Canada logo (green A, red C)
3. Select "Donate Online with Canada Helps" - this takes to the CanadaHelps donation page.
4. Select "POR LOS NINOS DE ZIHUA" on the drop down and fill out your payment details. Note that you might need to create a Canada Helps account, which is not difficult.

Be warned though, there's a similarly named paralosninos.org that's an unrelated charity for a private school in the USA.

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