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by mexicoman @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 12:13 (16 days ago) @ Geronimo

I have a foreign plated vehicle with a TIP. Since I entered with a temporary resident visa, it is only good for 30 days. I was told to go to the aduana to get this extended to but have yet to find the right people or office. I've been to the Airport and they told us to go to Lazaro Cardenas; no luck at either place. I've done quite a bit of online investigating, but I am still unable to get a good answer.

Hoping to save my TIP deposit. I can provide all the information required, just need to get it to the right office or person. All I can find now is a mailing address in Mexico City to send the information/documentation...I was hoping for a quicker/easier way that might provide some feedback like a website of email address or some place near to Zihuatanejo.

From the info I have currently:

Para las extranjeros con condicion de estancia de residentes temporales y residentes temporales estudiantes, que renueven su permanencia en territorio nacional. la vigencia del permiso de importacion temporal del vehfculo se acreditara con el documento oficial que emita la autoridad migratoria, sin que se requiera autorizacion de las autoridades aduaneras.

b. Aviso a la autoridad aduanera de la renovacion o canje de condicion de estancia migratoria de los extranjeros, para efecto de que no se haga efectivo el dep6sito en garantfa:

Para efecto de que no se haga efectivo el deposito en garantia otorgado, los extranjeros deberan presentar ante cualquier aduana del pais o en la Administracion de Operacion Aduanera "3" ubicada en Avenida Hidalgo numero 77, modulo IV, primer piso, Colonia Guerrero, Delegacion Cuauhtemoc, C6digo Postal 06300, Cd. Mexico, dentro de los quince (15) dias ha.biles siguientes a aquel en que les hubiere sido autorizada la renovacion o canje de su condici6n de estancia de residente temporal residente temporal estudiante. la siguiente documentacion:

1. Original y copia simple legible del aviso de renovacion o canje de condici6n de estancia (anexo 3 del presente Manual),
2. Copia simple legible del numero unico de tramite (NUT) o resoluci6n emitida par el lnstituto Nacional de Migracion o tarjeta de residente temporal,
3. Copia simple legible del permiso de importaci6n temporal del vehfculo,
4. Copia simple legible del pasaporte del importador.

Thank you

I had the same problem a few years ago. I couldn't find anyone to extend the TIP. I was told to go to the Cancun airport. It took several attempts but we finally found the INM Office. They had no idea what we were talking about. A common affliction at government offices in Mexico. They did after a few hours fill out some paperwork and tell us the TIP was valid for as long as our Residente Temporal cards were vaid. Once we rec'd Residente Permanente the TIP became invalid. At that point the vehicle must leave the country.

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