by anotherrob, Thursday, June 18, 2020, 11:42 (495 days ago) @ MN-ExPat

We came over to Troncones yesterday took my 11 year old son for a well deserved boogie board session at the far end of town. We were alone for most of the time until a local Abuelo had the same idea for his grandson. We stay apart from each other and gave the beach up for them. We had a great shrimp lunch at local place that seem to be doing things right with masks, sanitizer, etc. Have had good surf days at Saludita and on last big swell at Las Gatas. Also Manzanillo Bay if you have a boat or 4x4 is a great day swimming/snorkeling hole. With no tourists and so much space at all our beaches it doesn't make sense to have them closed. The healthiest thing is to be out in the Pacific with a snorkel mask!

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