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Excerpt from Z Rob's post---->

"Really no desire to visit California."

There is my home state, specifically "So-Cal", though I haven't spent more than a few months total there over the past 20 years.

Back in the late 60's through most of the 70's, the "North County" coastal area had "mellow" small town beach communities such as Leucadia, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, strethcing a bit more south, to Solana Beach and the ritzy "Del Mar" beach community, was a VERY cool place to live.
Loads of Mexican food places to eat as well, several of which were operated by people from the abundant Mexican community in that area.

For surfers, Cardiff reef, Pipes, Swamies, Stone Steps, Beacon's & Grand View, were good to excellent surf spots.

THOSE were the days B-)

Oh, & good Stones clip selection (All Down the Line) with Mick Taylor playing "bottleneck" on his Les Paul.:jam:


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