Joni said it best

by Keytime, Saturday, June 20, 2020, 08:27 (19 days ago) @ jaui

All the leaves are Brown and the sky is gray.
I been on a walk on a winters day.

California is a great state. It drives the country and takes a blind man to not notice it. 40 million people is a county in most places and with such diversity between people and environment, it has everything to offer. FYI, I do not live there nor do I plan to, but I do admire how they handle such a wide range of people and problems. From the Rain Forests up north to Death Valley, from the farmers and ranchers to the High Tech of the Sil Valley, and Hollywood. From Tesla to JPL in Pasadena. And lets not forget the "California Rasins" Sorry, I heard that one through the Grapevine.

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