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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 15:17 (14 days ago)


Zihuatanejo now has 72 confirmed cases of the virus and 10 confirmed deaths.

As test results keep coming in (and made available) for suspected cases numbers seem to jump, but I don't report suspected cases for their obvious ambiguity.

Since we have no truly satisfactory response from our government at any level to sustain people who have been without work for these past several months, hotel and guest lodging workers as well as restaurant workers are all preparing to reopen by July 1st. If we don't work we will starve to death. Everyone is training and learning proper hygiene methods to keep their clients and guests safe as best as is possible. We expect our beaches to also be open, but if the government doesn't officially open them I expect enforcement of its beach ban will become very lax, because we have to get this done. Troncones has sort of been open, but the last I heard July 15th was their target date for formally reopening lodgings and businesses even though folks have already been visiting there for a couple of weeks now. I expect there will be all kinds of promotions and deals, so contact your lodging provider and get your deal now even if it's only to reserve for later in the year. People here are working hard to try to get this right the first time. Regardless of what happens in our community, the idea is to get our economy going and to keep our visitors as safe as possible so that our families don't starve to death. I have confidence in our local lodging and restaurant operators. They've been doing a lot of hard work, and from what I've already seen they've got this.

As for shopping, most shops and markets aren't ready to open until they see people returning, but they are just as anxious to return to work as everyone else. Much depends on us being able to lower the general risk so that the government allows non-essential businesses to reopen with proper sanitary measures.

No damages locally from the big quake in Oaxaca, but there have been hundreds of replicas in Oaxaca, yet I've not seen any reports of damages other than the electricity going out. I'm sure we'll see plenty more on the subject on this evening's news.


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