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Excerpt from post---->
...."As for shopping, most shops and markets aren't ready to open until they see people returning, but they are just as anxious to return to work as everyone else.".....

Today while in the Segundo Cuadro, where most of the fruterías are, there was a giant increase in the number of locals with their cortinas up and doing business, including quite a few of non-essential businesses.

Also similar too that in the segment between Sam's Club and the semáforo of the steep street where la CONALEP is.

Were they "jumping the gun", or did el Alcalde Licenciado Jorge Sánchez give his O.K. for businesses to open now????

It appears that what you noted in your reply to one post in "The SYSTEM" thread...
"We're opening up "
is already taking place.

That said, taking into account the figures you gave--->
" Zihuatanejo now has 72 confirmed cases of the virus and 10 confirmed deaths."
by "opening up", I am concerned about if those figures may possibly become 1,172 and 100 respectively, over the next few months?

Hand-in-hand with opening up, MOBILITY increases greatly, which from my understanding, is an important contributing factor to spreading the virus, even when the suggested preventative measures are taken, that not all people choose to abide by.
I guess it's a trade off? Time will tell.


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