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I respect you and agree with you about many things Rob. Saying that Mexico's leaders have done what is best for Mexico with regards to Covid-19 is not one of them. Our president has since the beginning fed into the misinformation about this disease. The government has not invested in measures that would make it easier for the poor of this country to socially distance (i.e. adequate food assistance, income supplementation, contact tracing, medical investment, etc.) Instead the president seems to have taken an approach similar Trump's, which is to say that if we just don't test then the numbers of infected will look better and we can spin a story of how we are doing fine. Dr. Hugo Lopez Gatell has been saying since early April that the "next two weeks" will be the peak of infection for Mexico for more than two months running. The joke in some circles is that he will probably be saying that to the day he retires.

So instead of being in a position like New Zealand where we can begin to contemplate reopening safely, we are stuck in a situation where we are forced to open despite the dangers. It will be the poor who will suffer the most because the rich have retreated to their gated communities to draw off of their vast wealth, the poor are forced to choose between hunger and their health with little to no assistance from the government. I find it difficult to see how Mexico's government has done the best for its people.

I love this place and its people and I am committed to being a part of this country in many ways and that is what drives me to be critical of its response to this tragedy.

Un abrazo cálido.

I'll have to respectfully disagree, because for starters, it was never about Mexico's president. From the git-go he let the professionals, the epidemiólogos in the Secretaría de Salud, set the rules. Now lots of news media in Mexico represent opposition politics, and almost all of them are resentful that the curent federal government no longer subsidizes them as it used to do, and this has everything to do with what is reported unless you are following the DAILY NEWS BRIEFINGS where all questions are answered including many of the criticisms you just mentioned.

The elderly are receiving their monthly payments several months at a time. Community kitchens to feed the needy are available and run by the federal government via the military, not by the state and local government as the latter would have us believe. It is the state and local governments who are failing at their duties to take care of their constituents. But hey, we have a nice new bicycle path that absolutely no one was clamoring for and that was built by the mayor's company with no bidding and no transparency along with many new cement streets and similar projects. Perhaps some of those projects could've been set aside to provide for local families. Instead, local and state politicians have used the pandemia for photo ops and meager half-measured attempts to help their constituents while the president has allowed his Secretaría de Salud to buy the necessary time to refit and supply woefully inadequate healthcare facilities, no fault of the current government, to meet the demands of the pandemia. Even during a major earthquake they continued performing their duties quite admirably in the affected areas.

If you followed the daily briefings you would know your comments about contact tracing are erroneous as you would also know why testing is not being carried out in the same fashion as it is in the USA, where testing apparently hasn't mattered, it is still the worst country in the world except for Brazil in responding to the pandemia. Mexico's president has nothing in common with The Chump, especially in the government's response to the pandemia. As I said, they bought time to purchase the necessary equipment, much of it at first blocked by the USA. China came to Mexico's aid because Mexico came to China's aid. That's how international relations are supposed to work.

Amigo, much of your criticism is not based on actual facts but instead what is being erroneously reported in media including the Mexico City News English-language newspaper and several U.S. and a couple of British media. Their reasons for publishing misleading stories are their own, but they don't change the verifiable facts.

Why has Mexico not issued stimulus checks? Because it has no reliable method of doing so until its network of Banco de Bienestar branches are built. How is someone who has no bank account or street address or mailing address supposed to receive them? Stand in line in the hot sun or the rain for hours waiting for a politician to show up and get their photo taken handing them out as has been the way for decades? Not a good idea during a pandemia. In the struggle against corruption is also the core principle of removing all these middlemen from the disbursement process so there is no repeat of the Estafa Maestra. There are still folks waiting for help from the Ingrid-Manuel storms and the Temblor de Viernes Santo here in Guerrero even though billions of pesos were sent to help them.

I urge you to watch the daily briefings via the link I posted in another comment in this discussion thread.

Saludos y abrazos.

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