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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, June 26, 2020, 14:27 (13 days ago) @ hromero

You would be wrong to say that I do not follow the daily briefings and that I only follow English language new media. I follow many of the same news media you recommend on your website and often, if not every day, follow the daily briefings. I am savvy enough to know that they all have biases of their own. I read spanish language news about mexico more than I do English language news. But I don't take AMLO for his word either because the verifiable facts speak quite differently.

What verifiable fact am I missing about contact tracing?

You say it isn’t being carried out. It was indeed and still is except where no longer feasible.

Was I wrong in stating that the sub-secretary of Health has been saying since the beginning of April that the peak of infection is coming in the following week?

As the virus was slowed, the peak period was pushed back. That was always the intent.

What verifiable fact am I missing that shows that there are enough beds and ventilators for those that are sick?

There never were. Thus the measures to buy time to prepare as best as circumstances allowed. Thus the enlisting of non-governmental health services to try to make up for the deficiency, product of decades of neglect. Again, there appears to be some misunderstanding if you believed someone guaranteed there would be enough beds and ventilators, but if you follow the daily briefings then you know that so far there have been enough beds and ventilators.

How can you say it was never about the president when in March he was telling Mexicans to go out and enjoy their lives in restaurants etc. contrary to the advice of the experts who were telling people to "quedate en casa"?

March? Another criticism that is superficial that had zero consequences. The media playing up a non-issue. Whatever disconnect you believe there was, it was short lived.

What verifiable fact am I missing about the inadequacy of the kitchens that the government is providing. Are you saying that many generous people in the area are giving donations despite the fact that the government is giving adequate food assistance to the poor? I can tell you that we have many family members who are in a position where they have to take advantage of those kitchens and they aren't available every day nor with sufficient food supplies. They are appreciative of what they are getting but by no means can they survive on that alone.

Now we’re getting extremely confused. No one ever said the community kitchens would suffice. I already responded to this. Local government should be taking care of the people it will soon be asking to vote for them.

What verifiable fact am I missing that says that the federal government is investing in the health response?

Besides the tens of thousands of PPE and ventilators it has been trying to disperse around the country or the Covid-19 quarantine centers it has been setting up in areas where they are needed, mostly Mexico City and Guadalajara but also other cities.

Where is the verifiable fact that everyone will be given a vaccine shot when it is available?

Are you unaware how our public health services work? Each year vaccines are made available free to the public, and the president has already said this one will be, too. I feel like I’m repeating myself here.

I don't disagree with you about the corruption of local government and its inadequacies. Neither am I willing to blindly swallow the the daily briefings of AMLO and his discredited sub-secretary of health because I and my family are living in the consequences of their lack of a competent response.

Discredited? Nope. That’s someone else’s bias. The response has been extremely competent in the humble opinions of my wife and me.

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