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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, June 26, 2020, 17:13 (16 days ago) @ Ironwood

How can you say it was never about the president when in March he was telling Mexicans to go out and enjoy their lives in restaurants etc. contrary to the advice of the experts who were telling people to "quedate en casa"?

March? Another criticism that is superficial that had zero consequences. The media playing up a non-issue. Whatever disconnect you believe there was, it was short lived.

Here in Canada, we have full coverage of the coronavirus situation both here and in the USA. For most of us who are Zihua regulars, our sources for Mexican coronavirus news are limited to the few Mexican English-language sites, and from this Message Board.
Existing, and newly-introduced social safety nets in Canada and the USA have gone a long way to lessening the pain the pandemic has caused. Mexico doesn't have that luxury. Understood, then, that Mexico has its own approach.
Time will tell if Rob's enthusiastic support for Mexico's response was justified.
But when it comes to pooh-poohing criticism of AMLO's odd behavior, calling it "superficial ", a "non-issue", with "zero consequences" he sounds exactly like Republicans defending Trump's odd behavior and incompetence. Most intelligent observers of the US response take Trump's behavior very seriously, going so far as to state that thousands of lives could have been saved, had Trump acted responsibly from Day 1.
If the behavior of the President of the USA has had a disastrous effect on the nation's handling of the health crisis, why does AMLO get a pass?
Sorry, Jack.

No one is getting a pass. Much was made in newspapers abroad and the ones that are anti-AMLO that he said he didn’t fear the virus because he had good luck charms. It was a joke. He was not serious. It was taken out of context and used as a big criticism. Anyone who watched the briefing knows he was joking. As to telling people to go out and enjoy themselves while Dr. López-Gatell was saying stay indoors, again one must look at the timeline and the context. It was before there was any community contagion, and he correctly stated that Mexicans have no savings like the gringos and cannot shut down and get by. Again, correct. A large part of Mexico lives day to day. We needed to keep the economy going. When it was time to shut down, he gave the order and we did. But the gringos and others criticized him because in their countries they were experiencing a full-blown contagion while Mexico wasn’t. So, timelines matter. Facts matter. No one has backed up their criticisms, and I’ve seen all of these answered satisfactorily by Dr. López-Gatell.

I don’t have the time or the inclination to go dig up these old criticisms from their original news sources. If someone else does feel free to do so. Mexico bought the time it needed better than expected to slow down the advance of the virus and get its medical institutions prepared. So that’s why the peak was moved back from one week to another and another. Not because the doctor is incompetent or wrong, but because Mexicans in many aspects behaved better than the modeling suggested, even with all our shortcomings.

Mexico City and the State of Mexico have both seen enough progress to go from red to orange and allow some businesses to reopen. So has Guerrero. It doesn’t mean the threat is over. It means that for over two weeks sufficient progress has been made in slowing the advance of the virus. So while numbers rise because that’s how addition works, other epidemiological factors have met the goals that were set for easing restrictions.

If you want to still say I’m acting like a Chumplet all I can say to that is you are mistaken. My wife feels exactly the same way as I do on this matter and these silly criticisms that are unfounded and out of context. We respect others’ opinions, but we also expect the same respect for ours, and we believe the FACTS (those things no Chumplet dare acknowledge) support our take on this matter.

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