by Ironwood @, Wednesday, July 01, 2020, 17:25 (120 days ago) @ Paulf

Let's put it this way, I hope he was not told as that is the story being pushed. No way could I vote for Crooked Biden(his family got rich with him being in politics and now it was just released how many trips overseas and US Hunter took to get rich off his father- if it is between Biden and Trump if the facts he was told then I will be between a rock and a hard spot- Like Obama, if anything happened, he denied knowing about it and saw it on the news like the rest of us. All I know now, is they are looking for the person or persons who gave the information out. If it is true he knew, Trump will not be reelected and may even pull out before the end of the summer.

Paulf, if the only thing making you uneasy about Trump is his possible failure to act on intelligence indicating that the Russians offered a bounty on the heads of US servicemen, you are, without doubt, beyond the pale.

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