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You should have asked. I almost sent this to you last night.

This information is from Good Sam Club, RV.net and Woodall's RVing in Mexico and South America Forum.

Good news for those with expiring Residente Temporals:

Visa Expiration During COVID

These are temporary programs and not all Inmigracion offices may implement. This process is available in San Miguel and where else, I do not know.

1. Visa Expires When in Mexico

You may renew a Temporary Resident visa which has expired. There is no fine. There is no penalty.

2. Visa Expires When Outside of Mexico

You may renew a Temporary Resident visa which has expired. There is no fine. There is no penalty. However, it is critical, when entering Mexico, that you complete an FMM and you must not mark tourist and best not to check any category and no stamp by Immigration staff. You must convince the immigration officer at your point of entry not to enter you as a tourist on their computers. If this happens you will be a tourist and you will need to start over at a Mexican consulate.

I make a lot of effort to provide the latest and accurate information and I do so with the satisfaction of informing others. Others, less informed who provide similar services, please research your own information.

Sonia Diaz
immigration Consultant

Also, from a Mexican Consulate website:

Outside of Mexico with a Temporary Residency card: If you are overseas and your temporary residency card is near its expiry date note that you cannot renew it outside of Mexico. If you cannot return to Mexico before the card expires, you have a maximum of 55 calendar days’ grace after the expiry date on the card to return to Mexico and begin your temporary residency renewal under the regular renewal process. You must file your renewal no more than 5 calendar days after your arrival date in Mexico. We strongly recommend you allow at least 15 days in your scheduling to file the renewal, and ideally, closer to 30 days. Your card must not be more than 60 calendar days past the expiry date when you file.

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