Enough, already!

by Ironwood @, Thursday, July 16, 2020, 12:18 (186 days ago) @ Dalejb

It is interesting that people need to connect the dots from mosquitoes to politics.

Too much hate or just bored?

I thought my statement was particularly relevant. Many (most?) of the Board's readers, and visitors to Zihua, are from the US.
(Seems to me us Canadians are now the majority of foreign visitors :stirpot: to Zihua, but that's for another day)
Trump's incompetent handling of the coronavirus may turn out to be the main reason we are prevented from visiting Zihua this coming season. His incompetence will undoubtedly contribute to Mexico's and Zihua's difficulties in handling the pandemic.
Given his track record so far, does anyone relish having him in the White House when the next pandemic hits?

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